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Effective doctor-patient communication is a central clinical function in building a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship, which is the heart and art of medicine.

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Director’s Message

Care Hospital Bathinda

A Top Gastroenterologist of the Malwa region, Dr Gursewak Singh is popularly known as “people’s Doctor’ in Bathinda, which is his current base. As the ‘son of the soil,’ Dr Gursewak is a Compassionate, patient-friendly, and considerate clinician with a philanthropic mindset. His family lineage and sheer passion to be an instrument of change for the society he was born into, lead him to conceptualise and start a 50 bedded GI super speciality centre in Bathinda city back in the year 2012. Onwards since Care hospital, Bathinda is a preferred choice among a large patient base of, not only the Malwa region but for that matter, the whole of Punjab and adjacent states of Rajasthan and Haryana. A DM gastroenterology from the prestigious PGI Chandigarh, Dr Gursewak Singh, has been a registered GI practitioner for over 15 years now. He has had an illustrious career both as a student of medical sciences and a clinician of modern times. Instead of falling to the temptation of fat salaries in elite private sector hospitals, where he was getting attractive offers, Dr Gursewak chose to take a missionary path to fulfil his own dreams. With the active support of his family, particularly his father and wife, he went on to invest his personal savings, time, and energy in setting up an affordable yet fully equipped modern GI hospital, which his family fondly named Care Hospital. Since then, that modest clinic has rapidly been developing into a ‘Centre of Excellence,’ giving fierce competition to the best-in-class private hospitals of the region by matching their patient services and healthcare delivery.

Frequenly Asked Question

Colonoscopy is a procedure that enables an examiner (usually a gastroenterologist) to evaluate the inside of the colon (large intestine or large bowel). The colonoscope is a four-foot long, flexible tube about the thickness of a finger with a camera and a source of light at its tip. The tip of the colonoscope is inserted into the anus and then is advanced slowly, under visual control, into the rectum and through the colon usually as far as the cecum, which is the first part of the colon.
Sigmoidoscopy is a procedure in which a doctor looks in your large intestine. A length of flexible tube connected to a fiberoptic camera is used. A light is transmitted through the scope to the tip by a bundle of light fibers. The doctor uses this light to look at your intestine through an eyepiece or video screen.
Upper GI endoscopy is a procedure in which a doctor uses an endoscope—a flexible tube with a camera—to see the lining of your upper GI tract. A gastroenterologist, surgeon, or other trained health care professional performs the procedure, most often while you receive light sedation to help you relax.
Hospital is located on bhatti road,Near Barnala by pass,Bathinda. 151001. for more enquiry call us : (+91) 99146 34226, (+91) 86991 08960 or mail us: