Chronic Diarrhea

A gut disorder with repeated watery bowel movements that may occur with a sense of urgency & bowel unease. Longer duration (Chronic) Diarrhea requires proper medical attention. Acute Diarrhea can be due to infections, drugs, or food poisoning. In both cases, consult our doctors at Care Hospital for the right treatment .

IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), Colitis (inflammation or ulcers in the colon), which causes the passage of blood in the stool, Deficiency of Enzymes like lactase or wheat allergy (celiac disease) may prompt Chronic Diarrhea. Medical consultation with a clinician, preferably a gastroenterologist at Care Hospital Bathinda, would help diagnose specific reasons after a comprehensive evaluation.

Remember, Chronic Diarrhea can negatively impact the quality of life and work performance. It can also lead to psychological distress & lack of confidence. Chronic Diarrhea requires laboratory investigations, which may include Blood tests, Hydrogen breath test, and specific interventional procedures.

If needed, Our lead consultant Dr. Gursewak Singh may conduct an Endoscopy or colonoscopy. The procedure is fast and painless, given the experience & Skill that he carries. We have all the facilities to diagnose and treat patients of Chronic and Acute Diarrhea. Care hospital Bathinda has set up dedicated Clinics, including Colitis clinic and Diet clinic, which adequately supports the management of diarrhea patients.