Emergency Services

Care hospital Bathinda operates around the clock Emergency manned by a designated staff trained for handling all emergency patients,especially with GI disorders. Given that we are an advanced super specialty hospital in gastroenterology, we cater to a sizeable catchment area in and around the Bathinda district.

A state-of-the-art advance monitoring system is enabling our hospital to handle nearly all exigencies pertaining to gastro care disorders, including diseases of Liver, Stomach, Food Pipe, and lower alimentary canal. Trained doctors and nurses are ready to tackle all casualty cases pouring in at any time from any place of the Malwa region. The services of a super-specialist in gastroenterology are available to meet all medical and surgical emergencies at the Care Hospital Bathinda.

We fully recognize how every minute of patient treatment counts in most emergency cases and hence have developed a unique Standard Operating procedure (SOP)peculiar to best hospitals in India to save precious human lives. This, coupled withfully operational Life support systems, we have a significantly high success ration inpatient recovery at our emergency units. We also a facility for an On-call Ambulance as and when required. To ensure all patient conveniences remain available, services of a round-the-clock open Pharmacyand investigation lab is there at Care Hospital Bathinda for a hassle free treatment at all times.

ICU (Intensive Care Unit) Services

Laced with an ultra-modern medical equipment gear and comfortable modular beds,our state-of-the-art ICU at Care hospital Bathinda meets all quality parameters required to run a modern-day gastroenterologyICU. Life support Ventilators, defibrillators, centralized oxygen and suction facilities feature our ICUs. The patient Vs.Staff ratio at our ICU remains an impressive 1:1. Our Six Bedded Intensive treatment unit runs its 24x7 services for patients who require constant medical supervision and treatment owing to severe diseases in the Liver, Stomach, Food pipe, Duodenum,and alimentary canal. We adhere to custom planned patient care to provide end to end treatment cycles. This facility is thoroughly sanitized by trained staff with restricted entry. It is fully air-conditioned to provide a germ-free sterile recovery space for critically ill patients who trust us for advance treatment patient care services in gastroenterology. Food, refreshment, and hygiene-related services, including laundry, remain available round the clock for ICU units. Our resident doctors remain available at all times under all circumstances.

Additionally, schedule patient checkups are carried out twice each day under the supervision of our chief medical consultant, Dr. Gursewak Singh – DM Gastroenterology. Our ICU staff is specially trained and selected based on their experience and added competence to render all critical patient services. We endeavor to give that additional human touch and individual patient care that puts us among the best Gastro care hospitals of the Bathinda region.

IPD (In-Patient Department) Services

Care hospital Bathinda has an elaborate and well-maintained IPD set-up that can cater to as many as 25 patients at a given time. Patients with gastro enterological diseases are admitted in our general wards, select care units, besides private rooms where they are administered treatment under the most hygienic and medically suitable conditions. The IPD services at Care Hospital Bathinda are provided with the latest patient monitoring equipment besides readily available services of Ultrasound, Endoscopy, therapeutic procedures,and diagnostic labs all under one roof and made available exclusively for patients with GI disorders. Anagile team of nurses, technicians, and resident doctors remains available to all our IPD patients admitted in our General Wardsand spacious Private room. The idea is to render a seamless and pleasant treatment experience to IPD patients. OurIPD units are kept thoroughly sanitized and air-conditioned to provide a germ-free recovery environment for our valued patients, who trust us for treatment services in gastroenterology.

Food, refreshment, and hygiene-related services, including laundry, remain available round the clock for IPD units. The private wards are also provided with attached washrooms, telephone and television services to relax and recuperate in a homely atmosphere. Our resident doctors make schedule visits under the lead of our principal consultant,Dr. Gursewak Singh – DM Gastroenterology. Additionally, resident doctors and nursing staff remain on duty for all routine or on-call situations to ensure a continuous treatment cycle meeting the patient expectations 100 percent. Our entire staff, medical, Nursing, and technicians are trained to render an enriching and satisfying patient experience. We walk that extra mile necessary to give that additional human touch and individual patient care that puts us among the most popular Gastro care hospitals of the Bathinda region.

Lab Services

For any Modern day gastroenterology facility, an advance in-house laboratory and Investigations center is a critical component. Care Hospital Bathinda has a full-fledged Lab set up that performs all standard and several advance analyses in a highly sterilized and germ-free environment. All our lab procedures are broadly in line with the standard protocols regulating safety, infrastructure, environment, backups, and management of medical wastes. At Care Hospital Bathinda, we designate our labs as the Neo Clinical Lab. The services remain open round the clock for all IPD and OPD patient's routine and emergency investigations and reports. A professionally trained staff works full time in the lab under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Simranjeet Kaur (MD Microbiology – PGI Chandigarh) Besides all routine lab tests, we have set up a unique facility for cancer-specific tests in collaboration with Dr.Lal Path Labs for advance screening and selective investigations. Our Neo clinical lab has evolved into reliable and comprehensive testing and investigation facility with dedicated subunits of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Hematology,Pathology,and Cancer diagnosis.

All kinds of tests of different samples like blood, sputum, stool, fluid, urine, scrapings taken during endoscopy, and body tissues are performed here with desired efficiency and precision under the strict monitoring lab protocols Our Neo clinical Lab boasts some of the best equipment in the modern pathology and lab investigation ecosystem. This also includes a fully automated Biochemistry analyzer in which 128 tests are processed in a brief period with high precision and reliability. To get the most reliable lab testing at competitive pricing, we offer Special packagesfor lab investigations at reasonably discounted prices for both our IPD and OPD patient base. For any information required, please call at 86991 08960 or visit Care hospital,Bhatti road Bathinda.

Radiology Services

Care Hospital Bathinda has the most advanced interventional and Imaging Radiology suites of the Bathinda region. We cover the entire spectrum of image diagnostic equipment to provide precise, sharp, flawless, and reliable reports. We have the Best-in-Class Digital X-ray and Ultrasound Machine with hi-resolution, Hi-Contrast X-ray features in the imaging ecosystem. To help our clinicians make an accurate diagnosis, we use the most advance computed radiography systems at our hospital to provide the most accurate ultrasound and digital x-ray imaging. Sees and evaluates all reports captured by our skilled radiologists to ensure the correct assessments. Care Hospital Bathinda's versatile digitizing system supports a broad range of applications. It gives an excellent image quality for Abdominal, Chest, Intestine, and other GI-related disorders to track any abnormality or suspicious growth.

Additionally, these digital x-rays and radiology are done to see bone calcifications, various fractures, Malignancy, pleural effusions, Obstructions, and congestions. We have the facility for a Barium Swallow Barium meal follow-through in which after administering the liquid preparation of barium, X rays are taken. Such X rays are also advised by our lead Gastroenterologist Dr. Gursewak Singh – DM Gastroenterology to rule out any constipation, Small or large intestine Obstruction, or to see any foreign body (object) such as a coin, Pin, screws accidentally ingested by the patient.
We have latest and advanced technology in Ultrasound machine to provide this facility to our patients under one roof .Ultrasound are used to evaluate.

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Infection

Our latest digital X-ray suites are the first in the region meant to give us virtually flawless and consistently sharper image quality. At care Hospital Bathinda, you can be assured ofthe benefits of cutting edge technology in digital x-ray offering short access time and instantly available prints (X-ray Films).

Surgical Services

The OT is equipped with all types of laproscopic instruments and machines, The department covers various types of Emergency /Trauma Cases. The department has separate ICU beds for sick patients supported with ventilators and multipara monitors .

  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  • Laparoscopic Hernia repair/Appendix surgery
  • CBD exploration(Lap/open)
  • Carcinoma breast
  • Fundoplications/LAR/APR(Carcinoma rectum)
  • Pancreatic surgeries for Cancer (Whipples) for pancreatitis(Necrosectomy etc)
  • Liver surgeries for mass & various other disorders
  • Spleen surgeries (splenectomy) etc
  • Small and large bowel surgeries for volvulus,obstruction,resection ,stoma closure
  • Hemorrhoids(piles)
  • Varicose veins surgery

Minimal Access /Laparoscopic Surgery

Minimal Access/Laparoscopic Surgery is a surgical technique which involves keyhole incisions instead of large cuts .The surgeon introduces a telescope with a camera through this incision into the body cavity and operates by viewing the internal parts on TV monitor.In traditional open surgery ,the surgeon uses larger incision for seeing what to operate and in Minimal Access /Laparoscopic surgery camera introduced through small cuts is used for the same.

The minimal access surgery helps in early recovery of patients early to eat, early to return to home and also give less pain with good cosmetic results. Minimal access surgery can successfully treat thyroid and parathyroid ,hernia , appendix , diseases of gastrointestinal tract , gall bladder stones and certain conditions involving pancreas , adrenal glands ,spleen ,kidneys and liver.

Care Hospital has always being a pioneer to provide a platform for super specialist care to Malwa region and also to far way patients with our experienced team of doctors , we always encourage to bring updated and outmost care and treatment for you.

Benefits of Minimal Access Surgery

  • Quick recovery time
  • Small incisions
  • Less discomfort
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Less internal scarring
  • Early to work
  • Early to return home
  • Early Bowel function

At Care Hospital, Bathinda we have best team of clinicians and super specialist is available 24 hrs to cater any emergency .