(Endoscopic retrograde cholangio - pancreatography)

ERCP ( Endoscopic retrograde cholangio - Pancreatography ) . ERCP is a procedure which enables gastroenterologist to examine the pancreatic and bile ducts. A bendable lighted tube ( endoscope ) about the thickness of finger is placed through mouth and into stomach and first part of intestine ( duodenum ) . In duodenum small opening is identified (ampulla) and a small plastic tube (cannula) is passed through the endoscope and into this opening . Dye (contrast material) is injected and x-rays are taken to study the ducts of the pancreas and liver.

It is our outmost endeavor to serve patients with excellent quality and clinical care .

Most common reason to do ERCP include
Abdominal pain
Weight loss
Blockage of bile duct by gall stones
Cancer,Strictures or compression from adjacent organs or tumors

Your stomach must be empty , so you should not drink or eat anything for approximately 8 hours before the examination.

Medicines such as aspirin, Vitamin E , non steroidal anti inflammatories, blood thinner and insulin should be discussed with Dr Gursewak prior to the examination .

Also if you have major disease, such as heart or lung disease that may require special attention during the procedure ,discuss with Dr Gursewak.