Endoscopic dilatation

Endoscopic dilatation is a therapeutic procedure done in patients who experience narrowing of any part of the GI tract.
Among common causes of the narrowing of the esophagus or stricture is the scarring of the esophagus from the reflux of the stomach.
Patients with narrowing of the esophagus have difficulty in swallowing food. One gets a feeling of food stuck in the chest region that causes visible discomfort and, at times, severe pain. Less common causes of narrowing are webs or rings, cancer,scarring after radiation treatment.

At Care hospital Bathinda, we adhere to defined protocols for such procedures. A patient is asked to be on overnight fasting for this procedure. The patient is given local anesthesia, and an Endoscope is lowered from the mouth cavity. The dilatation is then done using a balloon and plastic dilator over a guide-wire. Once the dilatation is done, the patient is kept under observation for some time before being sent back home.

Depending on the severity and cause of the narrowing of Esophagus, Repeat dilatations may be required, a common practice in such cases.